How is Fungalor effective against foot fungus? All the truths about the cream

According to the statistics, each year (athlete's foot) the foot fungus affects about 20% of the active p opulation. One in five people in the world suffers from foot fungus.

? is a dangerous fungus, it not only creates cosmetic and aromatic disadvantages. As a result, it affects the integrity of the skin's surface, the foot fungus facilitates bacterial infections that enter the body. In addition, research shows that fungal infection complicates the treatment of other diseases such as diabetes and asthma. In addition, the foot fungus leads to an increase in the allergic sensation in the body.

Product Fungalor - a therapeutic remedy for the treatment and prophylaxis of fungal disease, reduces perspiration, restores nail plaque structure and skin. Product formula: external ointment. The basic action has a combined effect of anti-fungal ingredients, vitamin E and essential oils.

The research results and expert conclusion confirm that Fungalor effectively destroys fungal infection, prevents reinfestation, restores damaged skin and restores nail structure.

Included in the Farnesol produced reduces perspiration, which eliminates the favorable environment for the fungus.

If you suffer from foot fungus, is that you want to quickly and safely get rid of this unpleasant and even dangerous disease - Fungalor can be helpful. Due to the complex effect of the drug's complex effect gives a fast healing and reliable prevention of fungal infections.

Of course, apart from the treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to foot hygiene, the use of slippers in the shower and washbasin, avoid tight shoes - or else the treatment can take much longer.

The composition of Fungalor contains the following elements that provide an effective effect:

Climbazole. An effective antifungal product that destroys infected fungal cells, prevents the formation of new fungal colonies and relieves itching. This is the basis that "fights" fungal infections.

Farnesol. A component that "extinguishes" the sweat glands and reduces perspiration. It also slows down the activity of bacteria that cause bad sweat odour. The antiseptic and softening action. It gives a pleasant aroma.

Vitamin E. It softens and nourishes the skin, eliminates flaking, restores a natural and healthy appearance.

Essential oils. Reduce inflammation, promote the natural recovery of the skin and nails, give a pleasant aroma.

Due to the combined effects of its components Fungalor has a complex effect, which eliminates the main cause - even the foot fungus and all its manifestations. Climbazole provides maximum safety, destroys fungal infection, vitamin E and essential oils repair damaged skin, reduces flaking and itching, and FARNESOL reduces perspiration and odors.

Advantage of Fungalor over other drugs and anti-fungal remedy is:

The components in the composition of Fungalor do not cause allergic reactions. All active ingredients are combined with each other without any adverse effects.

Of course, to ensure safety during treatment with Fungalor the user should carefully follow the instructions, the medication must not be expired and has been purchased from an authorized manufacturer (i. e. original only).

It is better to buy Fungalor on the official website of the manufacturer. Some customers hunt down and buy cheap Fungalor on various questionable websites or online stores. As a result, they get products of poor quality, which can sometimes even harm their health. That's why we strongly recommend that you only buy the original product on the official website.

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